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Catherine C. Brooks

Catherine writes feature articles, Focus on Business articles and sells ads

     Catherine C. Brooks lives between Garden Creek and Winter Harbor in the Onemo area of Mathews, Virginia. The oldest of Maywood and Grace Callis’s two children, she was born near Fitchett’s Wharf on Billups Creek, off Milford Haven, and lived there until after she married. Having been born in 1926, Catherine remembers the steamboats, the Gywnn’s Island ferry, long walks to a three room schoolhouse, the Model T Ford, the effects of the Great Depression and much more of the history of the area. Since Chesapeake Style readers enjoy this type of article, she enjoys the privilege of writing articles for the magazine.

     Catherine also sells ads and writes Focus on Business articles. Having worked with the public for 47 years and managed The Craftsman Shop in Mathews Court House for 25 years alone after her husband’s fatal accident in 1973, she enjoys contacts with other businesses.

     When not writing or selling ads for Chesapeake Style, Catherine writes articles she hopes to sell to several national magazines. Chicken Soup for the Sister’s Soul is holding an article for a future publication, and she has an article Grit is holding until they can use it. She is gathering information for a book on local history. If she succeeds with the first book, she is already planning another in a different venue.

     Catherine is on the official board and holds other offices in Peniel Evangelical Friends Church. She represents them at Hands Across Mathews meetings.

     You will find Catherine at MAG The Gallery in Mathews three days a month where she represents her son’s and daughter-in-law’s work in decorative glass, artistic metal and unique jewelry.

     When not busy otherwise, Catherine reads both non-fiction and Christian and Historical fiction. Catherine enjoys retirement even though she is busy. She does what she wants to do and not what she has to do.

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