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God Bless America

On Friday, September 15, I sent the following note to my writers.

     “I have decided to dedicate space in Chesapeake Style to the recent tragedy in New York and D.C. Would you be willing to write something, perhaps a short piece,, a paragraph or two, about your reactions, either to this tragedy and horror, and/or your reactions to or memories about Pearl Harbor and WW II? 

     It is something I feel compelled to do, and I hope you will participate.” 

     They responded quickly and and thoughtfully with both poetry and prose. What you read in “God Bless America” are the results. 
November 2001 Remembrance, Prayer and Resolve   -   By Steve and Chelly Scala
A Prayer Answered   -   By Margaret Miles
The Stream of Angels   -   By Geoff Rogers
October 2001 I am proud to be an American   -   By Janet Abbott Fast 
God Bless America!   -   By Nancy W. Vickers 
Now You Know     -   By Tom Nesbitt
From the Ashes the American Phoenix Always Rises   -   By Earl D. Beauchamp, Jr.
Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers    -   By Don McCauley
9/11 Demarcation of Time    -   By Sharon Boyles
The Message   -   By Ann Sale
Where Do We Go From Here?    -   By Ficklin “Fick” Bryant
Tears Fell Down   -   By Ficklin “Fick” Bryant
Be strong and of a good courage   -  By Sharon Slaughter
Days Which Will Live in Infamy   -   By Hugh Davis
Memories of War and Resolve for our Future   -  By J.B. Burch
Enemy Attack Unites All Americans in a Common Purpose   -   By Zack Loesch
America’s Day of Mourning   -   By Florence Jenkins Muse
The Worst Disaster   -   By Cassandra Burton
Memories and Revelation   -   By Catherine C. Brooks
Where Was I?   -   By Bill Bryan
What Does It Mean?   -   By Rev. Ron Jones
Remembrance, Prayer and Resolve   -  By Steve and Chelly Scala

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