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A Prayer Answered
By Margaret Miles

     The Lord has shaken the Nation. He allowed this tragedy to come upon us of the World Trade Center and the Pentagon to draw His people close to Him. He has caused people to come to their knees in prayer.
I saw on television that all the White House staff were in church crying out to God to help them. They were saying that we need God as we never have, and I heard on the radio a prayer that was being prayed by a group of ministers. I have never witnessed such a move of people coming together in prayer.

     I also witnessed my daughter crying out in prayer because her husband worked at the Pentagon. She was asking God to not let her husband be in the building. As she was praying God had already answered her prayer. When she was praying the telephone rang and it was her husband on the other end of the line.
He had escaped the bombing because he was outside and saw the plane as it struck the building. It knocked him about two stories, but it didnít harm him.

     We thank God for sparing his life and the lives of many, many more. Their is much more prayer needed for the ones that werenít spared, and for their families. For God says if my people which are called by my name shall humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and will heal them in the name of the Lord.

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