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TideWriters Tales
The Stream of Angels
By Geoff Rogers

September 11, 2001
Dear Mom and Dad,

     I am doing fine up here, please donít worry about me anymore. This morning was awfully scary and I was lost and afraid. Iím sure you donít want to hear about it. Yet, something wonderful happened to me right after our plane crashed. I would like to tell you about it.

     When the Towers fell down, there was this awful screamingóbut afterwards an indescribable quiet spread over the scene. Then, there was a new sound of rushing wind with clouds of red flames, white dust and blue smoke. As they swirled upwards, I saw countless angels leading us all out of the wreckage. They held our hands as they took us up to heaven in a long stream of people.

     There were thousands of us, but not everyone came. I didnít see the terrorists. The angels said they were taken down to Hell by Satan and his band of devils.

     Please tell folks not to grieve for us. We are all enjoying this peace and quiet at last, and everybody is so friendly and loving. If some people wonder why God is letting this happen, tell them that our Country was getting too complacent, we were ignoring the many who are starving and have no place to liveóespecially all the children. Tell them that we have let our guard down, thinking ourselves safe from foreign attackers. You all have to be more vigilant and better prepared.

     Share these words with others, telling them to put sadness away and build a stronger nation together. And, Mom-Dad, I found out that God knows what Heís doing and that He loves us very muchóall of us. Trust in Him!

Your ever-loving son,  

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