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TideWriters Tales
Tears Fell Down
By Ficklin “Fick” Bryant
The darkest day  I ere remember
A sunny bright morn, the eleventh of September.
Airplanes started crashing  all around;
It was the day the tears fell down.

Is it truly happening  I pray it can’t be so.
Our beloved country  where we love, live, and grow?
I listened in horror  and my thoughts   went around;
It was the day the tears fell down.

Both Trade Towers were hit  the Pentagon too;
Paralyzed at the thought of     what they must     be going through.
As another   near Pittsburgh   plummeted to the ground;
It was the day the tears crashed down.

Emotions of fear  emotions of dread,
All so clear   no doubt   thousands may be dead.
Our hearts were full   we made   not a sound;
It was the day the tears rained down.

Number One Tower    pancaked    engulfed by smoky cloud.
Our nation seemed wounded    how could this    have been allowed?
Number Two crashed to earth     felt in every city     and town;
It was the day the tears wept down.

Pray for our future    look from within.
Seek loving answers    hatred never wins.
Our earth is weeping    and     as it’s spinning around;
It was the day God’s tears fell down.

© 2001 Ficklin “Fick” Bryant All Rights Reserved

September 15, 2001

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