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Remembrance, Prayer and Resolve
By Steve and Chelly Scala

     We are living a chapter of unprecedented history. Yet, there is a portion of times past which we are reliving. Desert Shield and Desert Storm are within a decade of our memories and with them, the remembrance of the strength, righteousness and determination of our nation, the armed forces and the people they defend. In our recent tragedies, there is a difference which civilized people struggle with. Seeing the names and ages including those of young children aboard the airlines flights who were among thousands murdered by the terrorists, emphasizes the depravity of the acts which took place on September 11, 2001. These terrorists and their hosts have slaughtered the innocents. Because of this, the United States has experienced a resurgence of collective resolve to end once and for all, these cowardly despot acts that threaten freedom.

     Never forget the innocent who were murdered. Honor those who risked all or gave their lives during the rescue efforts. Among the fallen heroes are Chief Raymond Downey, Chief Jack Fanning and HAZMAT Technician, Kevin Smith. These three brave men gave their lives while rescuing the victims of the World Trade Center, Building #1 collapse. All three were brave veterans of rescue efforts which took place after the Oklahoma City bombing tragedy. Two had answered yet another call with their lives on the line by serving in combat, one in Korea, the other in Vietnam. Remember and pray for these men, their families, friends and the others who perished in the tragedy of September 11, 2001.

     Resolve to support our military and government in eradicating terrorism. In the near future, much will be asked of our armed forces, law enforcement and elected public officials. We will be challenged to question nothing short of a guarantee that those who murder innocent men, women and children be stopped, once and for all. Be ready to offer them support, whenever and for whatever. 

© 2001 Steve and Chelly Scala All Rights Reserved.

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