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     Grizzís Story by Jo Helms chronicles a brave dog's battle with cancer. Every dog lovers worse nightmare is the responsibility of making a decision to end a dog's life. When is the right moment to stop fighting and assist a loved companion to end the mortal journey? The touching tale presents the story of life and the battles with cancer, a hated enemy of man and canine, from both the dog's view and that of his dedicated family. Yukon Jack, dubbed Grizz, is a very special Siberian husky who is destined to walk a remarkable road of quiet courage and determination. His story and that of his dotting owner, provide an answer for all who will listen to the question of letting go as these two fight on against heavy odds. In the end, it is not the battle lost, but the courage of the upward facing climb that will be long remembered and respected. 

Available in paperback for $12.95 plus $3.09 from www.grizz.20megsfree.com Proceeds from sales go to canine cancer research.

      Paw Prints Through the Years by Jean Keating is another tribute to the dogs in a writers life. Keating's third book proves once again her ability to weave serious problems into the tender and beautiful stories of life with her animal companions. Paw Prints is a love story, a story of hope, and the power of positive thinking. Against the backdrop of laughter and fun with six generations a tiny dynamo breed called a Papillon, Keating shares the trials of dealing with an Alzheimer stricken parent and with her own retirement. The emotional and physical challenges of career and caregivers are lightened when shared with a houseful of lively animals. The dogs get a chance to present their own views as the voice of the author is interspersed with fanciful letters written by them. An entertaining and uplifting look at life that leaves one feeling better for having shared the experience. Available from Astra Publishers in hardback with 8 pages of color paintings of Papillons for $28 and on the web at www.Astrapublishers.com

     A Bloodhound to Die For by Virginia Lanier is the sixth entry in this mystery series featuring Jo Beth Sidden and her delightful bloodhounds. Dog trainer and amateur sleuth Jo Beth is still trying to overcome the stigma of killing her abusive ex-husband, when she attracts the equally unwelcomed amorous attention of a prison escapee that the authorities cannot keep in jail and her dogs can't seem to track. Dealing with the escapee and his nutty kin while trying to find an old lady that goes wandering in the swamp and locate the source of a rumor that has already resulted in three deaths keeps this lovely Southern belle busy and Lanier's readers delightfully entertained. 

Published by Harper Collins in hardback, $23.94, available www.dogwise.com

Award Winning Publication 

Award Winning Publication 
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