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Northern Neck Kennel Club Announces Winners

     The Northern Neck Kennel Club has announced the results of the Northern Neck Kennel Club’s 12th All-Breed Fun Match, which was held on Sunday, May 5th at the Upper Lancaster Fire Department Pavilion in Lively, Virginia.

     The show attracted 153 entries in 34 different breeds. There were multiple breed entries in each of the 7 AKC recognized groups; 28 entries in the obedience competition; 7 entries in Junior Showmanship, where young handlers tested their skills and competed for the honors of being the best at showing a dog to its best possible advantage; and 50 entries in the club’s first Agility “Show and Go”.

     Best Adult in Match in the morning competition went to the Italian Greyhound “PDJ Belle Cole” owned by Pat Johnson of Spotsylvania, Virginia. Best Puppy in Match in the morning competition went to the English Cocker Spaniel, “Jaybriar’s Neon Reflection” owned by Kris Scherrer of Deltaville, Virginia. Best Junior Handler honors in the morning competition went to Sherry Von Engel of Gloucester, Virginia, showing her Bernese Mountain Dog, “Swiss Stars Tornado Warning.” 

     High in Trial, which is the highest scoring obedience dog, went to the Boxer, “Thibadeaux Bailey Got Milk” owned by Claria Crabtree of Chester, Virginia.

     In the afternoon competition, Best Adult in Match went to the American Staffordshire Terrier, “Hollybriar The piano Man,” owned by Beth Hogge of Gloucester, Virginia; and Best Puppy in Match in the afternoon competition again went to the English Cocker Spaniel owned by Kris Scherrer. Best Junior was again Sherry Von Engel and her Bernese Mountain Dog.

     In addition, the Northern Neck Kennel Club bestowed, “Most Improved Handler” Trophy Honors on local resident and dog fancier, Courtney Reisner, who showed the Borzoi, “Lydia”owned by Kathy Juron of Weems; and the Border Terrier “Luna” owned by Dawn and George Mahaffey of Heathsville to Best of Breed and Group One honors respectively. 

     Match Chairman Dawn Mahaffey and Hospitality Chairman Sue Anne Bangel, on behalf of the entire Club, presented each of the 5 judges with a token of the club’s appreciation for their volunteer service. Conformation judges included AKC licensed judges Carolyn, Clayton and Michael Mooney and Patty Staub. Obedience judge was AKC licensed judge Michael Mooney, and Bev Porter judged Agility.

     Mrs. Mahaffey would like to express her thanks to the following club members for their hard work and support: Grounds committee chairman Alan Burgess and the terrific job done by his crew, Rick Salesky, Marty Nelson, Justin Fulcher, Ryan Swann, Mac Haydon, Bruce Burgess and other club members in preparing the grounds, rings and pavilion. Trophy Chairman Marty Nelson and her assistant, Nanette Hauprich and the club members for their generous contributions which allowed the club to offer rosettes and trophies for the winners. Obedience Chairman, Cyndi Salesky and her team, Elaine Price, and Peny Lang for handling the obedience portion of the event. 

     Agility Chairman Joyce Burgess and husband and partner Alan for handling the gargantuan task of setting up and running, for the first time in the history of the club, the very exciting and extremely well-attended Agility event. Her crew included Rick Salesky, Elaine Price, Peny Lang, Jerry Hamm, Sheri Blake, Cathy Davis, Pat Landeau, and Seale George.

     Also a big thanks to Hospitality Chairman Sue Anne Bangel for arranging the judges hospitality; Bake Sale Chairman Antoine Marchal and his wife Brigette and daughter Anne Sophie and all the members who made crepes and other goodies for the bake sale.

     Chief Ring Steward Kris Scherrer, Club members Elizabeth Atkins, Dolly Rabalais, Diane Sheppard, Elaine Price and Marty Nelson who assisted with registration. 

     Special thanks go out to Debra Barnes and Mary Frances Robertson of the Northern Neck Humane Society for sponsoring the Micro-Chip clinic, and Dr. Joyce Cunningham of the Kilmarnock Animal Hospital for implanting the micro-chips and being the on-call veterinarian for the event.

     More special thanks go out to Canine Good Citizenship and Therapy Dog International tester, Helen Noles and her volunteers Sue Peetoom, Sue Anne Bangel, and Marty Haydon. Thirteen dogs were tested for either the CGC or TDI, and 12 of the 13 dogs passed and 13 handlers were certified. 

     Mrs. Mahaffey also expressed the Club’s appreciation and thanks to each of the following sponsors who helped make this event a success: Kilmarnock Farm & Home Supply for providing the flowers; Jamoat Auto Restorations for providing the Club’s Ribbon Holders; The Upper Lancaster Fire Department for the use of the beautiful and well-manicured grounds, and Smokin’ Joe’s Barbecue for providing the concessions and judge’s lunches; our vendors, Kathy Juron of Black Stump Stained Glass, Shrie Ramey of “Three Labs and a Chow” dog treat bakery, and Karen Woolley with her gourmet “Tabi Treats.”. 

     Club President George Mahaffey, who was able to make only a brief cameo appearance due to a recent and severe back injury, noted the overall excellent quality of the dogs entered in the event, and cited the many compliments that the Club received from the exhibitors, judges and other professionals on the excellence and many conveniences of the outstanding site location and the professionalism with which the Club managed the event. 

     “This very successful program is an extremely important further step in the determined effort of the NNKC to become an accredited AKC Kennel Club, approved to hold sanctioned and licensed events that will bring purebred dogs of every breed and every group from all over the country to the Northern Neck Community in the finest tradition of the American Kennel Club’s commitment to the world of purebred dogs. He further noted that the Club has submitted a formal presentation to the AKC for approval. Mahaffey noted, “We look forward to the next opportunity to share the sport of purebred dogs with our many friends in the Northern Neck Community.”

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