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     Hello. For those of you out there in cyberspace who don’t know me, I’m a five-pound, lemon and white Papillon with lots of literary opinions. Given a chance, I usually accompany my human on book signings in my persona of Sherlock Bones though my real name is Astra’s Coffee’n Cream and I generally answer to Puff. But while my human is busy writing and selling, I’ve decided to share my opinions with whomever I can get to read them. So welcome to my opinions of some books you might find an interesting read - besides my mom’s of course. [She made me say that or she won’t type for me.]

A New Owner’s Guide to Papillons by Deborah Wood

Now here is a book that no Papillon lover should be without. If you’re a new owner or a wannabe, or have had butterfly dogs for a long while, you still want this on your desk or bookshelf. 

     In the first place it is beautifully written by a nationally acclaimed author, columnist and papillion lover.  The information is fresh, well described and artfully displayed on  photographic quality pages.  The color photos of papillons are dreamy, and as soon as I finish this review I’m going to see about getting more personally acquainted with a few of those beautiful little girls whose photos appear in the book.

     My human was thrilled with the handy index as well as the table of contents which afforded speedy access to the vast amount of information and topics. She enjoyed the color highlighting of the many sections’  titles which made reading and rereading a breeze, and said even the breed standard was easier to visualize. 

     Wood writes from experience and probably a lot of help from the two beautiful butterflies who appear with her in the photo on the back cover. This is no ‘fill-in-the-blank’ rendering of usual information about toy dogs with the names changed to reflect my delightful cousins. These pages are specific information about my glorious breed told by a master writer who knows us well from having lived and loved several of my kind. 

     Go get one of these books for yourself. You won’t be sorry.  Now will someone out there please arrange a nose-to-nose introduction for me with that sweet, young thing on page 130?

Photo courtesy Jean Keating

Award Winning Publication 

Award Winning Publication 
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