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Touching the Flavor of Community

By SharonS

The elderly gentleman steps out his back door onto his deck, and with a deep breath and a stretch he greets the day. He keeps the household trash in a small utility trailer until he has enough to make a trip to the transfer station. Before the gentleman reaches his utility trailer Fido is running around his truck and leaping for joy at the door. Fido knows where he is going, and the good friend he has there. This scene or one similar is repeated throughout Mathews County.

Once the gentleman arrives at the transfer station Fido jumps out of the truck and runs to Bud. Fido gives Bud his best greeting with lots of doggie kisses and tail wagging. Bud smiles and talks and reaches in his pocket for a treat. All this happiness takes place quickly. It is magic. After a treat or two Fido jumps into the truck and is ready to return home. What makes this phenomenon so interesting is that it happens with so large a number of Mathews County canines. Canines of all sizes, shapes, colors, purebred and mixed breed alike. What is it that makes Bud White so special?

“We have this moment to hold in our hand, and to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand. Yesterday’s gone and tomorrow may never come, but we have this moment today.” Do those words spoken by an unknown author hold the secret? Bud White was two and a half years old when his mother died. He then went to live with his father’s mother. Bud’s dad was a waterman and gone from home a lot. Grandmother took no sass from the boy. She had a cherry tree that provided switches as needed for correction. When Bud was fifteen years old his Grandmother died. Bud stayed around home picking up odd jobs until he went to work on the water with his Dad. He worked sea-going boats with his Dad on two memorable trips from Maine to Newfoundland. Another memorable trip came along when Bud experienced Hurricane Carol at sea. The boat was able to “put in” at New Bedford. After one more sea going trip Bud returned home.

Bud served two years in the Army. While stationed in Germany he visited Paris, France, and Spain. After completing his military service he returned home to work on the water again. This time he worked on tug boats helping to build the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. In 1982 Bud left his work on the tugboats to crab for a living by himself. This work Bud did for ten years until government regulations became unbearable. Then he went to work for the landfill in Mathews County.

The old landfill commonly called ‘the Dump’ earned its name because residents carried their bags of trash up the steps and literally gave the bags a swing over the fence dropping them into the back of a waiting dump truck. After about five years the old landfill closed and the new transfer station opened. Bud is the very popular senior attendant at the transfer station today. It is the location of outbursts of joy and happiness between one special person and a multitude of Mathews County canines! In addition, Bud is known, liked, and respected by Mathews County residents.

Bud White carries the gentle flavor of the Chesapeake Bay community. Bud takes the time to smile. Be friendly. Chat a spell. Enjoy and touch the moment. There it is. “We have this moment to hold in our hand to touch as it slips through our fingers like sand.”

That is what is special about Bud White. He knows how to touch the moment. Evidently, Bud has a winning way with children too. He is pictured here with the author’s granddaughter.

Bud’s Striper. Cut up white potatoes & onions. Cover w/water. Microwave until tender. Cook Striper minus the bones. Remove from water. Combine fish, onions, & potatoes. Add bacon strips, salt, butter, to taste. Cook a little longer. It is healthy for diabetics.

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