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Why Color? Why Not?

By Wendy Kulpa

As recently as five years ago, color printing was astronomically expensive. It was difficult for most small businesses to be able to afford full-color business cards, much less full-color brochures.
But in a world where most prices are climbing, the cost of color printing is dropping! This price decrease is causing color production to skyrocket, and no surprise since it has been proven that color sells.

It has been proven that color delivers higher readership and brand-recognition than black and white. It also gives the reader more information about the product or idea that you are trying to sell. Imagine a picture of a vase of flowers in black and white and the same picture in color. While both pictures convey the same message, the color picture is far more interesting, holding the attention of the viewer longer. +

Even though the cost of color printing is dropping, the quality is increasing dramatically. Digital color production from several years ago was good, but frequently had stripes, color variations and was not of a very high resolution. Current color production is nearly photo-quality!

But what if, even with lower prices, full-color is still out of your league? Even one or two colors will attract attention, with a cost just over that of black and white. Advances in printing production have been tremendously beneficial to the small business!

Wendy Kulpa and husband Jim own Lottsburg Printing, and Inky, the print shop dog

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