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First Impressions
By Wendy Kulpa

    Business cards are fantastic marketing tools—mini billboards promoting your business for pennies a piece! Many customers, particularly those with new businesses, are unsure what information to put on their cards. Business names and phone numbers are standard, but consider additional contact information like a mailing address, email address or fax number. Be certain to include your website url if you have one.

     Add a bulleted list of your specialties—what can you do that others in your profession cannot? Your card should be a reflection of your business. If you offer a no-frills grass cutting service, your card should be simple and basic; if you do custom landscaping you may choose a more elaborate and artistic card.

     Using color on your business card can help set you apart and make your card memorable. Full color and photo cards can create a lasting impression. Don’t put too much information on the card. Too much text is overwhelming, and few people will take the time to read it. Too many graphics can detract from the written message on your cards. If you feel the need to include more information but don’t want the clutter on the card, a two-sided or foldover card would be a good alternative.
     Consider asking your printer for help in the design of your card. They deal with business cards every day and can help you set up a card that will work well for you. They can also help you find artwork to put on your card.

    Now that you have your cards, keep them with you at all times. When you meet someone new, even in a non-business setting, offer them a card. Keep your cards in a plastic business card sleeve. A card with wrinkled and torn edges leaves an impression, but probably not the impression you want to leave!

    Don’t be stingy with your cards, hand out several at a time. Remember that your card is one of the least expensive, most effective forms of advertising around!

Wendy Kulpa and husband Jim own Lottsburg Printing, and Mooby, the print shop dog.

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