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Ask Miss Reba

Dear Miss Reba,

     I have been dating a very nice man for a while.  Although no specifics have been talked about, I believe that I make more money than he does.  Should I offer to pay my own way when we go out?  My friends have differing opinions.

     I am confused.

     Signed,  J.Lo from the Neck

Dear J. Lo from the Neck,

     ôI donét care too much for money. Money canét buy me love.ö Crooned the infamous, John, Paul, George and Ringo.

     Money cannot buy love for neither the man nor the woman involved in a relationship.

     Anyway who made up this silly rule that the man has to pay for everything? I understand in earlier times when women were not in the work force and had no money to share on a date but today is a totally different ball game, J. Lo. 

     It is time to get with the program, honey. Open the lines of communication with your new man. Talk about the money situation honestly. Tell him you have enough money to pay your own way. That you appreciate when he pays for the date but it is not necessary for him to do so every time. Then negotiate a fair financial dating plan. Like who will pay what,when and which date.

     You will both feel better to talk about the money situation. Best of all, having the money conversation early in your relationship will help you communicate about money more readily as your relationship grows.
Believe you, me, sweetheart, I have seen many failed relationships due to friction over money.

     So if you have the money then I say share the dating expenses. As the Beatles sing, it wonét buy you love but it can buy some extra fun and fun is the key to a long lasting relationship. Just do it! 


Miss Reba

© 2003 Rebecca Maloney All Rights Reserved. 
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