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How to Show Your Love at Christmas
By Florence Jenkins Muse

     Christmas is about love. If you do not have that love in you, there is no way you can celebrate the loveliest holiday of the year. Some people think that celebrating Christmas means spending a lot of money. How wrong they are. The loveliest gifts come from giving of yourself. Growing up in our little country home I can remember how we children had so much fun romping through the local woodlands to gather running cedar, bunch pine, holly, and picking the perfect tree. My brothers shot mistletoe from the top of trees so we would have that perfect piece to hang in case we would get a kiss from someone special. Most of the decorations we made by hand or had been passed down for years from other relatives.

     Mother sat in her big chair braiding rugs or making potholders. She did not have money but she had lots of talent and love in her hands. You have them in yours and if you love at Christmas you can show it by feeding the hungry, taking a toy to a child, visiting with shut-ins, helping with the Christmas program at church, cutting a pile of wood for an older person who needs to keep warm, and I could go on and on but I hope your mind has traveled on with me to how you can show love at Christmas. Let every decoration you put up have love in it or do not put up any at all. God knows your heart. Do not give a gift without love in it. If giving is a chore for you, do not give because you are really insulting the person you have given to. Do not go to church at Christmas because you feel like you have to for in so doing you insult the Precious Child born on Christmas Day. When your lights glow are they glowing because you want to send your love out into a world that needs your love so badly? Are they glowing because it means so much to your children and you do love them so much? If they glow to impress or outdo your neighbor, they have been put out for the wrong reason. However, if they glow to make your neighbors and passersby more happy then they have been put up for the right reasons.

     Have a wonderful Christmas and make sure, above all else, that your gifts, decorations, cards, and food all show love from your heart. 

© 2002 Florence Jenkins Muse All Rights Reserved

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