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How to Grow and Enjoy an Herb Garden
By Florence Jenkins Muse

     After growing flowers for about fifty years, Im convinced an herb garden by your home, or near it is the least work and most pleasure of all flowering. Mine reaches from the back door to the front door with a couple rose bushes, several mums, a few geraniums, cannons, daisies, and zinnias tucked in for color. Most of my herbs are perennials and bring fragrance to my life and a yummy taste to my food year-round. It pleases me that herbs require no fertilizer or spraying and so little weeding throughout the year. I enjoy lavender, rosemary, sage, sweet marjoram, parsley, pineapple sage, lemon balm, chives, oregano, peppermint, and basil, for cooking and fragrance. Parsley needs planting every two years but otherwise, I usually just plant basil each May. From then until November I pick plastic bags of basil to freeze for the winter months. Artemesia, tansy, and yarrow are raised as ornamentals for flower arranging. They are perennials, also. 

     Helping folks start their herb gardens with some of mine is a great joy for me. One of my favorite recipes is my vegetable herb soup and can be found in the new cookbook just published by Coles Point, (Virginia) United Methodist Church.

     Herbs like most any soil and like to follow the sun around your house east, south, and west. Prepare your soil in early spring, plant herbs in May, leaving plenty of room for your rosemary and lavender. Adjust your ornamentals to your space. Herbs help keep insects away from your home. Once theyre become your friends, you wont want to be without herbs again.

© 2002 Florence Jenkins Muse All Rights Reserved
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