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Birthday Celebration
by Florence Jenkins Muse

     May is a lovely time to be born. Today is May 1st and tomorrow on May 2nd I will be 75 years old. What a bank full of memories I have to recall for those 75 years. Yesterday as I opened many lovely cards that have been coming along each day, I saved a large, tan envelope for last. It was the first draft of my book “My Mother’s Hands” sent to me by my publisher.

     What a wonderful birthday gift! Although I finished it more than a year ago, I have been too unwell to have it published. When it looked like I would not have the blessing of well feet so I could travel about, I decided to take it to one not far away. So far, I have been most pleased and should have the finished product ready for sale in the next month or so. Let me know at Box 4, Coles Point, Virginia, 22442 should you be interested in a copy.  It was my desire to keep in touch with you, so I wrote a nice Christmas article to catch you up as well as to share the wonderful message of Christmas. However, somewhere on the internet it got lost and never reached this publisher. Since typing even one copy of this is so difficult these days with ‘Ole Arthur’ I did not have another copy to send.

     As I walked around the Homeplace this morning admiring all the pretty blooming flowers and shrubs, checking the progress of the prolific fig trees and grape vines, I continued to marvel at God’s handiwork. It was last September 24th that I came back to the Homeplace after having been in a villa at Farnham Manor for eleven months. Much of that time I was down with what I call a pedicure disaster. Still being plagued by this, I will be having surgery on my toes at Henrico Doctor’s Hospital on June 14th. That is Flag Day so pray I will come through with flying colors like our precious American Flag.

     In spite of my health condition God gave me a wonderful Christmas and has sent earthly angels to help me and keep the Homeplace. He sent a special earthly angel on September 27th who comes several days a week to help me keep my home and take me for doctor appointments. Most days I am able to drive locally but stay quite weak from all the infections I have endured. I think God has made the Springtime even more beautiful this year to help restore my weary soul. And I feel so wealthy with so many wonderful friends and family.

     Today one of my closest girlfriends will take me to lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. Tomorrow on my actual birthday, I plan to drive the 22 miles to Farnham Manor to teach the Sunday School class and lead in worship. Except for a few Sundays, God has blessed me with this ministry since November 2002. I truly give Him the glory. He can use us in so many ways when we give Him ourselves. 

     It is good to be back on my River again and I enjoyed being at the annual Waterman’s Oyster Roast the last Saturday in March at Coles Point Plantation. As we ate a feast of oysters and side dishes I watched my beloved Potomac River with a new love of being home again.

     PS By Sunday May 2nd I had been showered with gifts, more cards, home-baked goodies and flowers from the florist. This quote on one of the boxes of note paper remains in my heart. “What lies beneath us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.”

©2004 Florence Jenkins Muse All rights reserved. 


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