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The Fourth of July Means Freedom
By Kitty M. Moore

     Itís that time of the year again; itís almost the 4th of July. So much to do to get ready, we hang our flags, check the listings in our local newspaper for the time, place and dates of the parades and the fireworks. We shop for the cookout weíve planned for the entire family. Oh! We mustnít forget those red, white and blue paper plates with the matching tablecloth. Weíll have to clean the grill, mow the lawn and weíll need extra ice. The list of things that must be done seems endless.

     Some folks like I will be traveling over the 4th of July weekend visiting family and friends, a long way off or maybe just as far as over the Coleman Bridge. On our long or short ride, we will once again complain about all the traffic and for sure our little ones will ask ďare we there yet?Ē We pray for sunshine, but it will be alright if it rains. Americans wonít let anything dampen their happy get together outside or inside, because thatís what Americans are all about, making do and getting the job done.

     The anticipation of the long weekend brings cheerful memories of passed 4th of Julyís when we were just children watching the fireworks filled with awe and sometime fearing the big booms. When I was just a slip of a girl I thought sparklers were the best fun. It was as if I was holding the bursting fireworks in my own little hand. I think best of all I loved feeling safe sitting on a blanket wrapped in my parentís arms watching the spectacular show of colored lights way up in the sky. To tell you the real honest to goodness truth, I still love to watch fireworks and, of course I ooh and ahhh just like a little kid.

     Yes, itís that happy time of the year when we celebrate the start of summer, but in our hearts we are all really celebrating the red, white and blue of our flag and country. When we Americans see our flag waving in all its glory, many of us have a misty eye moment because weíre so filled with pride for our homeland, these United States. Filled with gratitude we will never forget our brave men and women who gave their all for our freedom, so we can enjoy this holiday as we choose. Of course, with heavy hearts we all remember and pray for our troops who everyday put their lives on the line in the name of freedom for people we donít even know or really understand. Our United States of America fights and protects because no one should live in fear of finding their loved ones in mass shallow graves. 

     The 4th of July is when Americans let the world know, by celebrating our stars and stripes, that we are proud to be Americans. With each American flag that waves free, we are showing our country our gratitude. Yes, as Americans weíre free to agree or disagree with our president without fear of prison. As a writer, Iím free to put my words on this page for all to see without punishment. As an American woman, Iím protected by law not to be abused or burned. Iím free to vote, marry whom I wish, have as many children as I please and my children have the right to an education. I need not walk behind my husband; I can own property, work if I choose, and I donít have to cover my face. We all may worship God and attend any church of our choice, simply because weíre Americans. I think the 4th of July is really a time to celebrate our freedom that we should never take for granted. 

© 2006 Kitty M. Moore All Rights Reserved

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