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Stop Mayflies in their tracks!

     The Richmond County Fair Association is sponsoring a unique and useful project for the benefit of the fair’s scholarship fund. May is at hand and an awful reality of this beautiful time of year is contending with Mayflies. Whether you are cutting the grass, pulling weeds or just walking to the car, locals are often deluged by swarms of this annual aggressive pest. If you live near the water or a marshy area, they are much more numerous, last longer than May and seem to be more voracious! The product, called Deerfly Patches, will help stem the tide and stop Mayflies in their tracks. These specially designed patches simply adhere to the back of the wearer’s cap and trap these dreadful biting insects before they bite you. Don’t let the name fool you, Deerflies and our local Mayflies are members of the same family. Local users have confirmed the effectiveness of the product, they really work.

     Here’s the other good thing. Aside from ridding yourself of a pest, your purchase of this product will help fund the prize and scholarship jackpot that youth contestants will vie for at the annual Richmond County Fair, August 20-23. So that makes two good things, one for you and one for the kids!

     You can purchase the Deerfly Patches at numerous retail outlets in the Northern Neck and Middle Peninsula areas for $2 per package of four strips or you can order them by mail. Send $2.50 (including S&H)/package to the Richmond County Fair Assoc. P.O. Box 152, Warsaw, Va. 22572. Be sure to include a note or use the memo marking it “patches” to insure prompt processing. For more information call (804)333-3420 or email klidding@vt.edu

Photos demonstrate the way the patches work.


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