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Pretty Lawns – A Matter of Timing
By Florence Jenkins Muse

     Yes, we know that pretty lawns take time, but, I am sure it is a matter, too, of timing. For example, the right time to fertilize, the right time to mow. You should mow in the mornings for the best lawns. Pruning is a matter of timing. For example, always prune your blooming spring scrubs right after they bloom to be pretty for the next year. Prune summer scrubs the last of April; prune tea roses in February or March and prune ramblers in September. Pyracantha does well when pruned in February as will most of your trees. Always clip the dead blooms from your hydrangea in early winter as next year’s blooms are already forming.

     As to daffodils, tulips, and other spring bulb flowers, please let them turn brown before you clip them off. My eight year old daffodils were still lovely this spring, but will need dividing soon. The peonies should have been done. Herbs mostly keep themselves with just a little housekeeping. You should plant your pansies in October for a long, healthy blooming period and be sure you buy them where the plants are healthy. I use the same place each year and it is not the Super Market. It is good to mulch your pansies with pine needles and keep them moist the first few weeks after planting.

     Treasure your “old faithfuls”. These are your plants that defy weather, treatment and lack of rain. and I am convinced they thrive on love for you for many, many years. 

© Nov. 12, Florence Muse Jenkins All rights reserved

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