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Special Section~Isabel 2003
In Isabelís Wake
By Jean C. Keating

     In Isabel's wake, the last utility to come back on line at my house was the extended cable TV. I'd not realized how much I missed Animal Planet until I went without for three weeks. Happily among the first shows was a broadcast of the Texas dog show, and I caught the very end of the show when the judge was handing over the impressively large Best-In-Show ribbon to a beautiful Pekingese named CH Yakee Leaving Me BreathlessAtFranshaw. For those who would run out of breath before they could get that lengthy name out, he answers to Les. He makes a striking appearance, coupled with his tall, elegantly attired and handsome Hiram Stewart on the other end of his lead.

     After so much devastation and property loss, so many property owners in shock at the monetary gap between insurance payments and outflow of money to remove, repair and replace trees, roofs, windows, lawns, and decks, it was nice to sit back and watch Les and Stewart enjoy their big win. I was at Westminster in February, when the pair won the breed in Pekingese. Stewart was kneeling on the floor, his face awash with happy tears as he hugged the self-assured little bundle of fur that wagged his whole body in excitement. The Animal Planet coverage of the Texas show was a wonderful reminder that sometimes the simple things are those that mean the most to us all. 

     Life goes on in other parts of the country, as it will readjust and continue on here in Williamsburg. Neighbors and fellow citizens have exhibited wonderful patience and courtesy toward one another, as tree trunks and brush have lined every house, and blocked streets. They'd waited patiently and waved other drivers ahead of them at lights that failed to function or were erratic. The dratted storm brought a lot of negative things, but it also resulted in a return of community spirit and caring that have been a sad casualty of our increasingly hectic lives. 

     Tomorrow I'll worry about the ruined lawn, the fallen trees, the crushed flower pots. Les and Stewart remind me that the things that really count are the little fur children that sit close beside me on the sofa, safe, warm and happy to be watching the other dogs parade across the TV. 

© 2003 Jean C. Keating All Rights Reserved 

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