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Good Ole Apple Cider Vinegar
By Florence Jenkins Muse

     Good ole apple cider vinegar—still cheap—still doing a great job with many uses from the past and adding new ones every day.

     Anyone who has ever read about Vermont Folk Medicine knows that a couple teaspoons of apple cider vinegar a day does wonders for your arthritis and stomach upsets as well as a list of other body improvements. 

     We are aware of what a wonderful cleaning agent it has been for many jobs down through the centuries. Most of us have a cup or glass of apple cider vinegar sitting around a room to take out the odors and often one in the refrigerator, too, along with the box of soda. The cookbook and information for household’s book called "Grannie’s Goodies from Somerset County” list twenty household uses for vinegar. These range all the way from keeping cheese from drying out by wrapping it in a cloth soaked with vinegar to cleaning out your steam iron. You can use vinegar to remove glue spots and even take ink off your fingers.

     Most of us love pickles of all kinds and what could be better than a dish of vinegar when you’re eating steamed crabs. You have your own hand cleaner at the end of the feast and I also love sliced cucumbers in a bowl of vinegar.

     Recently I told my Garden Club friends a new use for apple cider vinegar. I just pour it on the grass growing in my patio blocks and wham—no need buying that expensive Roundup® and having to have that nasty chemical job and odor around the house. You can use it for your sidewalks and around your trees. A little goes a long way and after all you get a gallon for two bucks.

     By the way, while you’re watching your children go out the door to school, you might want to know that if you added a half-cup of vinegar to the wash load they would not have lint on their jeans or corduroys. Learn, learn, learn. 

© 2002 Florence Jenkins Muse All Rights Reserved

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