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Gloucester Celebrates Dr. Walter Reedís Birthday

     Visit the Birthplace of Dr. Walter Reed. The Cottage at Belroi, Gloucester County, will be open for tours on Sunday, September 15, 2002, in honor of Reed's 151st birthday. Marking his 151st birthday, the birthplace of Dr. Walter Reed at Belroi will be open to the public for tours on Sunday from 2-5 p.m. Son of a Methodist minister, Reed was born September 13, 1851 in this small cottage at the intersection of Routes 614 and 616. His family lived here only one more year, but Gloucester has clung to and celebrated its role in the life of the conqueror of yellow fever. During the Spanish-American War, the United States Army set up the Yellow Fever Commission July 1900 to February 1901 where Major Walter Reed headed the four doctor commission to study the cause of Yellow Fever proving that the deadly disease was transmitted by mosquitoes.

     The birthplace is now owned and maintained by the Joseph Bryan Branch of the Association for the Preservation of Virginia Antiquities (APVA). It is opened annually on Reed's Birthday and for Garden Week and by appointment by calling Ceci Brown at 804.693.3663.

     The Medical Society of Virginia purchased the cottage in 1926 and restored it the following year. It was deeded the APVA in 1968. Furnishing include some items donated by the Reed family.

     NOTE: Last September 13, 2001, was Walter Reed's 150th anniversary of his birth two days after the 9-11 incident. A day we all will remember where we were. I was at the Walter Reed Birthplace 8 am before the first plane hit the tower. I did not know of the event until 11:30 am. The first coverage I saw was the collapse of the second tower and it startled me as it looked like a A-Bomb. After being told of the events of the day, I wasn't sure what would become of our own celebration to honor Walter Reed. I only knew I had to carry on and finish what I was doing and what to be would be. Our events was a shared event with Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington DC, McDonald Community Army Hospital Fort Eustis, Joseph Bryan Branch of the APVA . It was decided to carry on and this event will be remembered by all attending and be filled with great patriotic love of our country. The attached photo shows General Harold Timboe, Commanding General of Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington DC saluting the Walter Reed Army Medical Center Color Guard at the Walter Reed Birthplace 13 September 2001. 

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