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Ask Miss Reba

Dear Miss Reba,

     I am a 50 year old single woman out in the dating scene. I am not attracted to men my own age or older. I prefer men ten or more years younger. But I am afraid people will think I am robbing the cradle and be disgusted. What should I do?

Signed, Mrs. Robinson

Dear Mrs. Robinson,

     Honey do not be ashamed of desiring younger men. Men have been with younger women for eons and we donét bat an eye. 

     What difference is 10 years in a relationship when you are 50 years old? Not much.

     Still, in our wonderful country we have not accepted the younger man/older woman in love relationship. Our tendency to label older women as hags or crones has not dissipated. It is about time we women stepped up to the podium to project another image. Instead of crones let us project a strong sense of self-knowledge, sexuality and sparkle!

     There is nothing wrong with aging. Yes, letés give our wrinkles a chance to enhance our image. Let proudly display our sagging breast. Aging is not a disease. It is not something we must give up pleasure and to go into sensual deprivation.

     Furthermore, I would not worry about what others think when you are dating younger men. Unless, of course, you are going out with real young men, teens or twenties(you sounded like a sensible person though) I would not consider your preference "robbing the cradle". 

     Sweet heart there is nothing disgusting in dating men reasonably younger. In fact, I think it can be quite a delicious thing. Use it to spice up your life. Give yourself a boost of youthful energy. 
In our strictly ordered society we have so many rules and mores. Some rules are a must in order to prevent societal chaos. Other rules are archaic and must go before we slide into societal regression.
Girlfriend, break the taboo. It is the 21st century, things they are a changiné!

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