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TideWriters Tales
Summer At Last
By Kitty Moore

     All winter we fussed about how cold and dreary the days of winter are. We watched closely for news of what else old man winter would dump on us. It seemed as if complaining about another cold gray day was normal. Few of us appreciated the beautiful frosty artworks Jack Frost had left on our windshields. Days were too short and darkness came much too early

     We hated going outside to sweep snow off our walks and stairs. All too often we had to resort to shoveling ourselves out from under that white stuff, never fully enjoying its beauty much at all. "Pack it up and send it anywhere but here" was our cry. Most of us think snow is pretty on Christmas Eve so Santa can use his sleigh. We love a picture-perfect Christmas morning.

     We suffered through our sniffles and coughs, but it was that nasty fever that pulled us down into our beds. We forced that awful tasting medicine down, all the while praying for summer. Trying to get a flu shot was near to impossible. When the word got out about available flu shots, it often took hours waiting in long lines. Dressing warm was our goal and staying out of the cold wind blowing off the Chesapeake Bay was our mission. Somehow we made it though, leaving that bitter cold winter behind us.

     Spring came in like a lion with gray chilly days and more rain than most of us needed or wanted. A cold front held on way too long as we all hoped for an early summer. Mud was common and puddles were an every day adventure. For much too long, my lawn turned into a huge soggy sponge. Even our daffodils were late this spring and the Daffodil Festival was cut short because, "Yes, you got it" another rainy day. Oh yes, once more we were disappointed in Mother Nature while we begged and pleaded for hot sunny dry days.

     Now look out your window, the sun is shining and the birds are chirping. Everything is green, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and the mosquitoes are biting. Summer is showing off all her splendor and she brought her friends, Hot, Muggy, and of course her cousin, Haze. It's that time of year when the kids are home from school glued to the TV and driving us nuts because they say it's too hot to go out to play.

     Our prayers have been answered, summer is here at last. What more could we want? We have plenty of sunshine and all the blue skies we begged for, even though we may not always be able to see the sun through the haze. So what do we do with all those hot wonderful days of summer? I don't know about you, but I have my air conditioning cranked up on "High."

     Oh! What's that you say? There are too many tourists? It takes you longer to get home because of the summer traffic and there's no room to park. Now did I hear someone say it's too darn hot and you have bad sunburn? Now you're praying for cooler weather and you can't wait until Fall gets here? Be careful of what you wish. Maybe we should just enjoy this wonderful gift we call summer while we have it. We mustn't forget that old Mr. Winter and his friends Snow and Ice are waiting for us just beyond the golden leaves of autumn

© 2006 Kitty M. Moore All Rights reserved

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