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Our Current Issue of Chesapeake Style

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Chesapeake Style is an award winning colorful classy magazine serving folks in the Chesapeake Bay Region. It began as an idea in early 1998, and burst forth in full glory and color with the Premier issue the following August, 1998.

   The group of writers and photographers continues to grow as the appealing magazine continues to become more popular. The writers also help to distribute more than 85,000 copies of the magazine eight months of the year when it was published in paper. The magazine changed to online only in early 2002 and came back into print in 2007.

  Chesapeake Style not only serves and celebrates the region, past present and future, and contains articles about local businesses as well as an eclectic number of columns and articles. The writers may lead you through Memory Lane, where you will discover life as it was in a slower, more thoughtful time. Stop in and discover where to visit, or simply to learn more about the region and its writers. Discover the nooks and crannies of the Chesapeake Bay Region.

For more information about the Chesapeake Bay Region, move your cursor to a selection below and click to open their website.

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